IRPRA 40U40 Nomination

Nomination for 2023

Step 01: Guidelines and Eligibility

  • Age Requirement: Under 40 as of October 2023
  • Multiple Entries Allowed for Organizations and Individuals
  • Nomination and Submission: Free of Cost

Categories for Recognition

IRPRA honors excellence in various categories that represent the diversity of regional PR.

The categories for recognition include:

  • Excellence in CSR Category: Recognizing impactful Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.
  • Best Creative Entertainment Campaign Category: Celebrating creativity in entertainment-focused PR campaigns.
  • Best PR Campaign for Crisis Communications Category: Acknowledging effective crisis management PR.
  • Excellence in Local Brand PR Campaign Category: Highlighting successful regional brand campaigns.
  • Excellence in PSU/Government PR Campaign Category: Recognizing outstanding public sector PR.
  • Excellence in Rural Area PR Campaign Category: Honoring PR excellence in rural settings.
  • Leading PR Campaign for Startups Category: Celebrating innovative PR for startups.
  • Leading PR Creative Campaign for Business Category: Recognizing creative PR strategies for businesses.

Key Dates

Profile & Case Study Submission

Please provide accurate and up-to-date information. It is essential for proper assessment. 

Who decides who wins?

  • For inquiries or assistance, please contact:
  • We look forward to honoring your exceptional work at IRPRA 2023!