The custom of Cambodian weddings

In Cambodia, there is a stunning bridal service. It lasts three nights most of the time. The bride wears a variety of stunning gowns. Thankfully, we were invited to one of them.

In Cambodia, arranged marriages were once pretty typical. However, today’s young spouses make their marriage decisions on their own. They still observe old-fashioned wedding ceremonies, though.

Family members from the couple’s area arrive at the couple’s home with fruit plates on the night of the bride. These are truly works of art because numerous unique fruit varieties are contained in these plates!

This is a way to express their gratitude and enjoy. They likewise make tea available to the spirits of their ancestors on this day. In this way, they ask their ancestors to thank the bridal and inform them of it.

The groom and his entourage arrived at the bride’s home and met with the girl’s parents and arranged gifts for them ( or dowry ). They therefore sat down. The couple’s home set up her seat facing west in the middle of the room.

The few dedicates their lives to their relatives in the ceremony known as” Bang Chhat Madaiy.” They thank their parents for raising them and carrying them out to this day. Additionally, they make a claim to look after and respect their relatives. The pair drapes golden yellow parasols over their families during this service. Additionally, they are able to hear the ceremony host’s discourse, which serves as a reminder of this new obligation.

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