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” In this illustration, “listening,” “getting,” and “possessing” are all in the existing ongoing (-ing endings) tense. They are in parallel type.

Pronoun Reference/Agreement. Skim your paper, seeking for pronouns. Look for for the noun that the pronoun replaces.

If you are unable to locate any nouns, insert one beforehand or alter the pronoun to a noun. If you can come across a noun, be absolutely sure it agrees in quantity and person with your pronoun.

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Examples:rn Sam had 3 waffles for breakfast. He wasn’t hungry again right until lunch. Below, it is very clear that Sam is the “he” referred to in the second sentence.

Consequently, the singular third man or woman pronoun, “he,” matches with Sam. ” Teresa and Ariel walked the canine. The puppy bit her . ” In this circumstance, it is unclear who the doggy bit for the reason that the pronoun, “her,” could refer to both Teresa or Ariel.

” Teresa and Ariel walked the puppy. Later on, it little bit them .

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” Right here, the third particular person plural pronoun, “them,” matches the nouns that precede it. It is very clear that the dog little bit both equally individuals. “Teresa and Ariel walked the puppy. Teresa unhooked the leash, and the pet dog little bit her . ” In these sentences, it is assumed that Teresa is the “her” in the second sentence because her identify right precedes the singular pronoun, “her. “Apostrophes.

Skim your paper, halting only at all those words which conclude in “s. ” If the “s” is made use of to point out possession, there must be an apostrophe, as in “Mary’s e-book. ” Search over the contractions, like “you happen to be” for “you are,” “it’s” for “it is,” etcetera.

Each individual of these must include things like an apostrophe. Bear in mind that apostrophes are not utilised to make phrases plural. When building a term plural, only an “s” is included, not an apostrophe and an “s. “Examples:rn It is a great day for a walk. This sentence is right simply because “it truly is” can be changed with “it is.

” “A chicken nests on that tree. See its eggs?” In this scenario, “its” is a pronoun describing the noun, “bird. ” Mainly because it is a pronoun, no apostrophe is needed. “Courses are cancelled right now” is a suitable sentence whilst “Class’s are cancelled right now” is incorrect because the plural form of course merely provides an “-es” to the close of the term. ” Sandra’s markers do not work. ” Here, Sandra needs an apostrophe due to the fact the noun is a possessive a person.

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